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    Hi All

    My first cayenne e-hybrid (2016) and first Porsche for that matter.  A lucky find with lots of options, including some rare ones (as far as I could see) like soft close doors and cooled seats!

    Few newbie questions:
    - Best DIY OBD diagnosis tool?

    - I read and was told that pure electric range is about 22 miles.  The best I've seen after leaving to charge full overnight is 16miles.  Do you ever actually see 22 on the dash, or is that just an estimate of actually mileage when driving style is considered? On the way home from collecting it says 9 miles but I actually got 15, so I assume the braking/coating tops it up.  Still curious to know what others see on the dash after a full charge.

    - previous owner said the original Porsche pill charger broke so I have an aftermarket one.  Is this Ok or should I source a genuine one?

    - it has the heated windscreen option but I don't see a switch for it?!

    That'll do for now!

    Thanks and good to be here.