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Hi all
New to this group as I have just bought a 955 Cayenne 4.5S
I have had a few Porsches before so know the brand well.
I am organising a car challenge next year in aid of the North West Air Ambulance. You have to buy a V8 for under £2k and we drive around the NC500 doing silly challenges along the way. 
I have bought a 2004 Cayenne for the trip for £1700 !!!! So it obviously has some issues. Mainly paint but I need your help with a couple of other issues please.
1) when I bought the car there was a warning brakes proportioning message on the dash. This is coupled to an ABS light and the handbrake lights flashing!!
The previous owner said the fault was the abs pump which has been replaced but now the fault needs clearing using a Porsche diagnostic tool. A generic one eg snap on won’t work.  I have heard this fault could be due to water affecting the wires in the footwell. Mine was very wet but all the wire joints seem fine. I even re-soldered them to be sure. Do you think the seller was right and a reset using a Porsche tool will do the trick or is there anything else I should try first?

2) with regard to the water in the passenger footwell. I took the AC drain hose out and all was dry. Also the cabin air filter was dry as a bone. I took the wheel liner off and checked the drain at the back of the bulk head all dry!!! When I jacked the front of the car up though lots of water came out from underneath the middle of the car!!!
Have you folks any ideas where my water ingress may be coming from.

Sorry for the essay, hope you can help🤞🤞🤞

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