Worth repairing the PCM?
I have a friend who recently purchased a Cayenne off auction, I believe it;'s the 2005 model, with around 130k miles on it. It was definitely a good deal.

The cost for the PCM in relation to the amount he actually spent on the car is a bit high, so we're wondering whether we should replace it entirely instead of just repairing it?
A replacement genuine PCM will set you back around £500 on ebay, but whether its just a straight swap is another story....a friend of mine replaced the stereo on an A class mercedes with a used oem ebay breakers jobbie, it was was a few hundred quid and easy enough to swap but he didn't realise that i was coded to the cars VIN. He ended up having the merc dealer charge more than he he paid for the stereo to code it to the car.

In your case a 2005 cayenne brought at auction it would probably be as much as you paid fro the car to replace the PCM completey. It would literally be cheaper to buy one of those android all-in-one headunits from ebay or whatever (the ones that look like the stock unit but have tv/dab/nav) etc. 

I have posted about the big job of fitting apple carplay PCM upgrades on the later models on another thread, but on the mk1 cayenne its a much easier job as the whole unit comes as a replacement, plug n play. Only had a quick look so the only one I can see on ebay is from Australia but you will find one from a uk seller if you look hard enough, theyre literally a few hundred quid


Agreed with Ceeb, if the cost is too high, you can get different units that serve the same purposes, and are sometimes even better than the PCM

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