Older cayenne with high mileage or newer car with low mileage?
I'm looking at caynennes online. One for example has done 83k miles but is a 2007, another is a 2009 thats done over 145k. Both have decent service history and looks well taken care of. 

The 2007 S is going for £7,995 2007 S

The 2009 S that comes with the aero kit is up for £9,999  2009 S

Older car with low miles or newer car with more miles?
Neither of those examples.. the 2007 is a CAT D and the 2009 has moon mileage. At over 150,000 miles already it will be worthless once you clock up another 20-25000. The seller is dreaming at that price for a 2009 car with that kind of mileage, aero kit or no aero kit. You will be fixing things every other week.
Am afraid the milage doesn't sound good for both. You will be in and out of the mechanic's place that you would wish you would have added some few ££ for a much newer variety.
Would recommend against both of them, mileage is too high and you will be wishing you paid more for one with less after a few months of repairs.

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Older cayenne with high mileage or newer car with low mileage?0