Smell of coolant from 2004 Cayenne S
Checked coolant level, it was down about a quart. At start up, you can hear a ringing like a slipping belt. Temp reads OK. Any ideas?
On the Cayenne there is an undertray that can hold a lot of liquid. It could be the beginning stages of your coolant pipes cracking where it only leaks under pressure.

Unless it is a lot of coolant you will only smell it and the tray will hold it rather than it being on the ground. I would recommend a pressure test of your coolant system to be sure.
My best guess is there is a leak even though it may not be visible. As Cookie mentioned it could be collecting somewhere else.
Oh no, seems like your coolant pipes sprung a leak, should try to get it fixed immediately

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Smell of coolant from 2004 Cayenne S0